Last years event was our first venture from London to Glasgow. Click here to view the event video.

Our weekend started with us all meeting at the Ace Cafe, London. From here we began our journey towards Wakefield Road Gurdwara, Bradford - stopping off every so often to re-fuel and get a good leg stretch.

Reaching Bradford

After being welcomed into Wakefield Road Gurdwara and paying our respects to Guru Maharaj Ji, we settled for the evening geting in some good rest for day 2 of the trip... the massive 500 mile coverage!

Saturday was the journey to Berkley Street Gurdwara, Glasgow. We couldn't resist taking a slight detour through the Lake District! Whilst there, we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the quiet winding country lanes - a perfect combination for a bike trip!!

We eventually reached a drizzly Glasgow and again paid our respects to Guru Maharaj Ji. Whilst letting our gear dry out for a few hours, we were able to to enjoy the sangat, the kirtan and the langar! 

The Journey back

Once we had rested and gave our farewells, we began our journey back to Bradford, where we would spend the night again. We again took a slight detour through parts of the Lake District to get some more winding lanes in. Reaching Bradford fairly late in the evening, we were given a chance to check the bikes over, re-lube chains and get rested for the final leg back to London.

We couldn't complete the journey without a trip down Soho Road and a much needed stop off at Mr Singh's pizza place! 

Special Thanks

We would like to pass on our sincerest thanks to the Gurdwaras that supported us through the initial Khalsa Bikers fundraising event. Namely, Wakefield Road Gurdwara, Bradford for putting us up for the two nights of the trip. Berkley Street Gurdwara, Glasgow for helping the coordination of the journey and helping with the fundraising events.

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The Video Highlights

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