June 1984 – a date notorious for the Sikh Nation –  when the Government of India launched a full scale military attack against its own people.

18 months in the planning, the decision to blow up Harimandir Sahib (the “Golden Temple”) and the Akaal Takht (Sikh political centre) was the result of decades of civil unrest between the Sikhs and the State.

The Army also obliterated the Sikh Reference library which contained countless Sikh artefacts and handwritten scripts from the Guruship period. It was a horrific event in which tens of thousands of innocent civilians were butchered and 30-40 other Gurdwaras were simultaneously attacked. Understandably it is a very sensitive topic for us and part of the wider political, social and religious turmoil that has tormented Punjab since Indian independence in 1947. We all know about the Genocide which followed later that year in which tens of thousands of innocent Sikhs were looted, raped and killed by State sponsored gangs on the streets of India. Then followed the decade long armed struggle in which countless more died fighting the righteous battle.

Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindrawale has been painted as the villain by Indian media – a result of fabricated stories and propaganda to malign the legitimate civil demands of the people of Punjab. The State flipped the entire story into one of Sikh v Hindu – which it never was.

Why We Need You

With all of that in mind, we feel that we ought to show the world that the Sikhs have not forgotten 1984 and we will continue to highlight the atrocities India committed - and continues to commit today. We’ve had a request from youth organisations of the Sikh Youth-Project asking Khalsa Bikers to lead a convey of vehicles on Saturday 7th June 2014. The plan is to have two conveys; one to leave Leeds and one to leave Gravesend – picking up more cars and bikes en route – both heading towards Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick, Birmingham, where a Youth Akhand paath (meditative remembrance) has been going on and the Bhog ceremony will take place at 5pm.